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Joint press release: Stakeholder Initiative EURO 2024

MAKKABI Germany News

Human rights should not only be discussed at the men's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In view of ongoing debates about human rights in Qatar, the Stakeholder initiative 2024 with a website and working materials on the topic for the upcoming tournament in Germany to the public. 

The conference of the German Football Association (DFB) on September 19, 2022 on human rights at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 draws attention to the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany. Sustainability and human rights must also play a central role in the preparation and implementation of this event. There are also numerous reasons for action in this country.

The initiative was founded in autumn 2016 to critically monitor the DFB's bid for UEFA EURO 2024 and to call for the involvement of stakeholders at national and regional level at an early stage.

Since it was awarded, the initiative has focused on respecting human rights and promoting diversity, transparency and sustainability on the way to and at UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany.

In direct exchange with EURO 2024 GmbH, founded by the DFB and UEFA, the responsible federal ministries as well as the ten venues and other stakeholders, the aim is to seize the unique opportunity to play a pioneering role in the value-oriented organization of a major sporting event.



Alexander Friebel, Chairman of the BBAG: “Inclusion is a human right, not just for people with disabilities! But especially for fans with disabilities, real, equal, barrier-free participation is still far from reality, even in this country. The EURO 2024 should make a central contribution to introducing model measures that can sustainably improve access to all areas of major football events for people with disabilities. Whether for fans of the teams who travel internationally or live here, as volunteers or as employees of the tournament.”


Martin Endemann (Bündnis Aktiver Fußball Fans eV): “The EURO 2024 is going
4 weeks, its effects will be felt by fans for years to come
be. In many places there have been committed ones in recent years
Fan initiatives that support discussions on diversity, sustainability and
have initiated human rights. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that fans and all other potentially affected groups in the appropriate
preparations for the tournament.”


“The structured participation of civil society and dialogue on the sustainable design of the core business at the UEFA EURO 2024 venues can have an international signal effect. At the same time, both can show the German public what opportunities such an event can bring as a catalyst for future topics," says Elsbeth Beha, President of the DJK Sports Association.

"The DJK sports association stands for 'sport for the sake of the people', for participation and the communication of values ​​in sport. As an alliance partner of the EURO 2024 initiative, the DJK would like to help promote democracy and international solidarity through sport," says Elisabeth Keilmann, Spiritual Advisory Councilor of the DJK Sports Association, who represents the association in the Stakeholder Initiative.


“With DISCOVER FOOTBALL we are committed to international football projects, including at the amateur level, for women’s football and women’s rights worldwide. During major events such as UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany, amateur football and the variety of alternative football projects in the venues are often neglected. We demand that EURO 24 also focus on civil society issues, on issues that go beyond men's professional football, for example everyday problems in sport (discrimination, sexism, lack of women in trainers and role models, lack of space for women’s and girls’ teams, etc.), gender equality in football and the safety of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in German stadiums.”

Contact person:

Aline Zimmermann (she/her), info@discoverfootball.de , + 49 (0) 30 86452617

IG Building Agricultural Environment

Dietmar Schäfers, (representative of the IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt and Vice-President of the Building and Woodworkers International (BHI): "A sustainable Euro 2024 undoubtedly includes, among other things, compliance with but also transparent controls of the working standards at the companies involved in the EM in the entire supply chain.

UEFA and the DFB have the great opportunity to show in an exemplary manner that major sporting events can also make a contribution not only to meeting the legal requirements, but also to setting their own standards that go beyond them.”


Alon Meyer, President of MAKKABI Germany, underscores the appeal of major international sporting events and the exemplary nature of sport for social and ecological sustainability: “With the EURO 2024, not only German football, but also the Federal Republic of Germany is presenting itself on an internationally renowned stage. It is all the more important that we recognize the responsibility that this entails and set a good example. Past internationally recognized sporting events have shown one thing very clearly: Sport gives us a language and makes us heard. It reflects our values ​​as well as our society, which is why political debates about the football stadium are all of our concern. As President of the Jewish sports umbrella organization MAKKABI Germany, I speak for a social minority and yet I know that the vast majority of sports Germany is behind me when I demand that unconditional compliance with universal human rights and global sustainability goals is our shared responsibility.

Contact person:

Jérôme Buske, Advisor / Press and Public Relations at MAKKABI Germany eV

Mobile: + 49 152 11543622

E-mail: jerome.buske@makkabi.de

land of man

Beat Wehrle, Head of Programs at terre des hommes Deutschland eV: “In the past, the enormous public and private investments in major sporting events often fizzled out without leaving a lasting legacy for the population.

Euro 2024 now has the chance to do better! We at terre des hommes will therefore work to ensure that the interests of children and young people in particular are systematically heard and taken into account. Football inspires and connects millions of children and young people worldwide, their enthusiasm keeps this sport alive. Now it’s time to give something back to them too!”

Contact person:

Jens Kunischewski, j.kunischewski@tdh.de

Transparency International Germany registered association

Sylvia Schenk, head of the Sport working group: “Without transparency, good governance and stakeholder participation, Germany will not be able to live up to its claim of setting an example for a sustainable and responsible major sporting event with UEFA EURO 2024. We can't just criticize others, we have to set a good example."

Contact person:

Sylvia Schenk, 0162/4036851

Adrian Nennich,

Our curve

Dario Minden: “With the World Cup in Qatar, an absolute low has been reached in terms of unscrupulous human rights violations at major football tournaments. Now is the time to turn the embarrassment about this tournament into concrete action. For the EM 2024 we want to enforce standards that nobody should be able to avoid in the future. So that major football events can finally be a celebration that consistently respects human rights and is inclusive!”


Contact email address of the stakeholder initiative: info@euro-stakeholder-2024.de

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