Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.


The next generation

Keren Vogler

MD Board member
Link MDJ & MD, event coordination

Ilya Cinciper

MD youth officer
Coordinator of the MDJ, education and value transfer

Philip Vogeler

Representative for mass and competitive sports

Anton Tsirin

Board member

Noam Petri

Board member
Commissioner for Discrimination in Sport

David Borenstein


Daniel Tarchis


Why does the MDJ exist?

The Makkabi Germany Youth (MDJ) board was elected in 2019 with a complete success by the young athletes from their own ranks. With a team of 7 people, 5 represented the board and two more represented the auditors. The board of our junior staff at Makkabi Germany was founded to give the young athletes the feeling of being able to have a say in the future and to take the future world of sport at Makkabi Germany into their own hands as young people. The MDJ board creates a space for the young athletes in which they have the opportunity to express their interests, to live out their hobbies alongside sport and to get involved in the design of the supporting program. Furthermore, the board involves as many athletes as possible to represent the MDJ on the social media channels and at events. At the same time, founding a company involves a great deal of responsibility. Various departments related to education and sports were established. Their task is to create offers and events or projects for the athletes in the respective subject areas. Several events have already been organized and carried out. In addition, the collaboration and relationship with our various other partners is increasing. Those responsible for the MDJ try to set interreligious and intercultural accents in sport and thus open doors for cooperation that may not have been so obvious before.

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MAKKABI Germany Youth News


MAKKABI goes Taglit Register now!

This summer the time has finally come and MAKKABI Germany meets Taglit Germany again. Taglit enables young Jewish adults between the ages of 18-26 and 27-32


Maccabees Noam Petri receives the Benni Bloch Prize

On Monday, May 02.05.2022nd, 2019, the Beni Bloch Prize, named after the longtime ZWST director and longtime community board member who died in XNUMX, was awarded. The Jewish community in Frankfurt awarded the


Become a contemporary witness!

"Become the eyewitnesses that we can't be much longer!" -Margot Friedländer- MAKKABI Deutschland Jugend, DJK Sportjugend & the Schwarzkopf Foundation invite you: Holocaust eyewitness Margot Friedländer


Future Leader Forum in Israel

In the past few days, Philip Vogler (MAKKABI Germany Youth Board Member), Talya Goldberger (Makkabi Frankfurt), Lisa Michajlova (Makkabi Gelsenkirchen) and Royi Lasowski (Makkabi Frankfurt) have used the


The ARTE documentary about MAKKABI is online

Today @arte.tv broadcast the documentary "Stark am Ball - In the club against Jew hatred". She addresses the hate slogans up to the physical violence that is for us


Makkabi Germany Girls Camp

Our very first MAKKABI Girls Camp in Munich ends today. Three wonderful and impressive days full of empowerment, sport and community are behind us! Highlight of the first MAKKABI girl


Important information about Jewrovision 2020!!!

Dear Jewrovision participants, dear parents, dear caregivers, dear friends, we have all been following the news about the spread of the corona virus for weeks. Also in Germany


MAKKABI youth in football fever

Our young people are not only sporty, but also enthusiastic about sports! That's why the Makkabi-Jugend has created a new series of events: the whole of Germany is becoming a national league together



On November 17, 2019, MAKKABI Germany welcomed delegates from all local associations to the annual general assembly. After a word of welcome from this year's host, Mr. Jo-Achim Hamburger (CEO IKGN Nuremberg)



After the establishment of a German-Israeli youth organization in Berlin by the Federal Minister for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Dr. Franziska Giffey and the Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett in autumn


Cycling course in Mallorca

From March 12th to 19th, 2023, a 1-week training camp of the triathlon and cycling team from MAKKABI Germany will take place in Mallorca. Our Maccabees fly in preparation


MDWG Press Review

Bayrischer Rundfunk (17.05.2022/66/5) https://www.br.de/nachrichten/sport/wintergames-in-ruhpolding-noch-nie-war-der-winter-so-makkabi,T18.05.2022OWI2 Jüdische Allgemeine (18.05.2022/01.06.2022/14.11.2022) https ://www.juedische-allgemeine.de/unsere-woche/auf-gehts-214191/ Sunday newspaper (May 27.12.20222, 30.12.2022) https://www.sonntagsblatt.de/artikel/epd/spaenle-wirbt-fuer-juedische-makkabi -winterspiele-oberbayern Jewish General (2/30122022/100) https://www.juedische-allgemeine.de/unsere-woche/makkabi-im-schnee/ Ruhrbarone (XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX) https://www.ruhrbarone.de/noch -nie-war-der-winter-so-makkabi/XNUMX/ Sunday newspaper (XNUMX) https://www.sonntagsblatt.de/artikel/epd/erste-deutsche-winterspiele-der-juedischen-sportbewegung-makkabi Bayrischer Rundfunk (December XNUMX, XNUMX) https://www.br.de/radio/bayernXNUMX/sendungen/schalom/schalom-podcast-XNUMX-XNUMX.html


MAKKABI Germany Exhibition in the House of German Sports

MAKKABI Germany invites you to the opening of the association's own photo exhibition with pictures by Rafael Herlich. When: February 17.02.2023, 15 Start: 12 p.m. Where: Otto-Fleck-Schneise 60528, XNUMX Frankfurt


We mourn Rosi Mittermaier

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Felix Neureuther's mother and multiple Olympic champion in alpine skiing, Rosi Mittermaier. The German ski legend is in the

winter games

MDWG: Opening Ceremony

The Jewish Winter Games are open! Opening ceremony of the MAKKABI Germany WinterGames in Ruhpolding January 02nd will go down in MAKKABI history. Under the eyes of


We mourn Karin Shoshana Perlmutter

Born October 09.10.1942, 10.12.2022, ( Buenos Aires ) recalled December 2015, XNUMX, ( Berlin ) Karin (née Offenberg) followed our path at Makkabi Germany. The starting point was the EMG XNUMX

Job Offers

Youth secretary (f/m/d) full-time

MAKKABI Deutschland eV is looking for a full-time youth secretary (f/m/d) for the office in Frankfurt/Main or Berlin. Your tasks:

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