Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

As a partnership and equal stakeholder initiative, our goal is to ensure compliance with human rights and the promotion of diversity, transparency and sustainability on the way to and at the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany. We want to support the German Football Association (DFB) and the ten venues nationwide in meeting the great responsibility and taking the unique opportunity to play an international pioneering role in strengthening society through a major sporting event.

To this end, the stakeholder initiative, coordinated by Transparency International Deutschland eV, not only holds regular internal exchange meetings with groundbreaking discussions, but also sees itself in a fruitful one Dialogue on organizing a sustainable EURO2024 with the DFB

We want to initiate structured participation and dialogue in other EURO 2024 venues and prepare civil society at all levels for a successful major sporting event with an international signal effect through various projects by our partner organizations. With this in mind, we jointly develop concrete projects with a national and local sphere of influence on the topics of sustainability, good governance and human rights.

Last but not least, we see it as our obligation to keep in touch with UEFA, the DFB and the cities about sustainability in the core business of the EURO in terms of an alliance for a positive development in and through football.

The city of Frankfurt am Main has already held several local stakeholder dialogues - the first EURO2024 stakeholder dialogue in Frankfurt took place in June 2018. 

Below is the framework statement by civil society on EURO 2024:

The EURO 2024 bid should become a beacon for human rights, diversity and transparency

Major sporting events reach billions of people around the world and can send a message of understanding and international cooperation. With the contract for EURO 2024, the German Football Association (DFB) is not only taking responsibility for perfect organization and German hospitality. Rather, the DFB must set an example of how such a football event can serve the people in the host country and beyond the borders and promote democracy and international solidarity in the globalized world.

The organizations involved in this initiative are committed to making EURO 2024 a beacon for human rights, diversity and transparency. Particular attention should be paid to safeguarding children's rights. Prerequisite for the success is a broad participation of the local population in the Host cities, especially youth and fans, both men and women, but also the involvement of civil society at national level.

Within the framework of this objective, each organization has its own priorities, which we discuss in partnership:

  • Alliance of active football fans BAFF eV
  • Federal Disabled Fan Working Group eV – BBAG
  • The Sports Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in
  • DiscoverFootball
  • DJK sports association registered association
  • Human Rights Watch eV
  • Industrial Union for Building, Agriculture and Environment
  • Interest group Our curve
  • MAKKABI Germany registered association
  • terre des hommes Germany registered association
  • Transparency International Germany registered association

Berlin, February 28, 2017

Updated on September 22, 2020 (recording DJK Sportverband eV)