Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.


Pedagogical training

The pedagogical training courses combine political education with physically demanding, cross-sport training units. The difficulty of the training sessions can be adjusted to suit all skill levels from beginners to competitive players. Together 1 has already been a guest at a number of junior academies!

(Online) seminars

In our seminars, which can also be virtual on request, we offer all target groups and interested parties an overview of the topic, present findings from the Z1 study and use best practice examples to convey how to deal effectively with anti-Semitic and discriminatory incidents.

Advice offers

Our team of experts will treat your request confidentially, quickly and with excellent professionalism. If necessary, we fall back on our extensive network of partner organizations and advise you in a targeted and needs-based manner.


The anti-Semitism that is omnipresent in Jewish everyday life is revealed again and again in the form of verbal, visual, or physical attacks, particularly in the “burning glass sport”. In the empirical study recorded by the model project "Together1 - For what connects us", gaps in this phenomenon could be closed. It was found that, especially in the context of football, anti-Semitic incidents can be observed particularly frequently, which often end in game abandonment and player bans. In addition, incidents are often not recognized, tolerated without objection or not reported to existing reporting offices. MAKKABI athletes are particularly affected by this, as they obviously represent Judaism and MAKKABI by wearing the jersey with the Star of David on it. It should not be forgotten that this is a problem for society as a whole, which also occurs outside of the MAKKABI cosmos and can be directed against non-Jews. The model project "Together1 - For what unites us", funded by the federal initiative "Democracy Life" of the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has been taking on this no longer acceptable situation since 2020 and addresses all people active in sports throughout Germany.


The foundation of our approach is the empirical study "Between acceptance and hostility - experiences of anti-Semitism in Jewish sports clubs in Germany", which was carried out with MAKKABI members throughout Germany. Based on this, we implement educational measures throughout Germany, whether on the sports field, in seminars or online. We also work with key pillars in sport to strengthen and promote anti-Semitic incident reporting and anti-Semitism prevention at a structural level.

Empirical Social Research

The topic of "anti-Semitism in sport" has so far only been researched to a limited extent in academic studies.

There are no representative figures on the extent to which people are affected, since, for example, the reporting chains of organized sports show structural deficits. The project intends to reveal this dark area by conducting empirical studies.

Pedagogical Measures

We define all actors in organized sports, such as football teams, referees, association bodies, sports courts, but also interested individuals, as the target group of our range of educational measures.

Our range of methods, with a focus on “anti-Semitism prevention”, “political education” and “Jewish (sports) life”, can be adapted at any time as required.

Networking & structural adjustments

In cooperation with an extensive network of partner organisations, the project aims to create an "Alliance against Discrimination in Sport".

Structural improvements can be initiated through the jointly generated clout, such as a low-threshold reporting chain after incidents of discrimination and their systematic documentation.

Our first study

The Team

Luis Engelhardt
Project Manager
Sabena Donath
Technical management
Lasse Mueller
Deputy Project Manager
Samantha Bornheim
Education Advisor Together1/SABRA
Mortimer Berger
Education Officer
Giulia Schuessler
education officer
Ferdinand Hassellbeck
Education Officer


The project team was put together on an interdisciplinary basis and is characterized by expertise in various areas. These include experience in anti-Semitism-critical educational work, sports sociology and pedagogy, project management and political education. Based on these focal points, the project pursues a holistic and ambitious approach to achieve a sustainable preventive effect in sport. The progress is made measurable throughout the project period by means of self-evaluation and the effectiveness of the measures is constantly critically reflected.

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