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Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

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Golf department – ​​Makkabi Germany Course 29th – 31st Oct 2021

MAKKABI Germany News

The Maccabiah in Israel is just around the corner. Golfers from all over Germany were therefore invited to a golf course in Grünberg by trainer and chairman Leo Friedman. We trained and played at the Winnerod Golf Park. This time 14 golfers from all over Germany came to the course: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Israel. A great encouragement for our department.

A junior player was on our course for the first time: Leo spoke to him that he should stay "on the ball", train ambitiously and also take part in Makkabi Golf in the future. A top tournament player from Hesse (Achim Söhn) with a handicap of 1 was introduced and could in future accompany and support the professional development work of Makkabi D – Golf as a co-trainer alongside our department head Leo.

Before the teachings began, our Kabbalath Shabbat was a treat. The table was decorated by our sports director Ari Leibovici, and each participant found small gifts from Makkabi Germany in their place. Judith Gurfinkel (wife of Robert Hickinbotham) lit the candles, Leo Friedman hosted the Shabbat.


The course then began with lectures:

Themes this time were
a. Of course, first of all, the willingness to come to the Maccabiah in Israel in July 2022 and to show those who do not yet have the qualification the perspective of participating and to motivate everyone, training, training and more training ..

  1. Documents for training units, self-analysis, mental training were distributed and reported on by the trainer Leo Friedman. Very strong feedback, especially in the mental area "Out of the head onto the pitch". Mental strength is essential for success.
  2. Our PGA Professional Robert Hickinbotham debated and debated rules and situations for over an hour. Many unexplained game situations could be clarified here. Knowledge of the rules is very important in golf!


According to the admission criteria (handicap qualification) and the very strong Jewish players, we can assume that we will compete in the categories Men Open, Men Masters (age 50 to 64), Senior Masters (age 65+), Ladies Masters 65+ and hope for medals.


Certainly nominated for the Open Men:
Bundesliga player David Gersztein from Munich
National player Maxi Wojczechowski from Berlin


Certainly nominated for 50+:
Daniel Flumenbaum


Certainly nominated for 65+:
Leo Friedman (Frankfurt)
Robert Hickinbotham (Cologne)
Oliver Gersztein (Munich)
André Horovitz (Munich)
Alexander Landau (Heidelberg)


Certainly nominated for the ladies (without age statement 😊):
Sonja Gersztein – Munich
Irith Braunsberger-Frankfurt
Karin Kurz – Frankfurt



For the golf department at Makkabi Germany For more than 15 years, our licensed DGV trainer Leo Friedman has been responsible for building this department from scratch. He put together the national squad for the games in Israel or for the European games.

In any case, Makkabi Germany GOLF is now absolutely top at European level. We won the most medals at the European Games in Berlin and Budapest.

The perspective for the Maccabiah also looks very rosy with new strong golfers!

A success for Leo Friedman and a confirmation of his work, the nominations and also a success for the golf department at Makkabi Germany.

Leo Friedman (coach and chairman of the golf department)



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