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Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

Unfortunately, there are currently technical problems with our registrations. We are already working on a solution.

DFB, HFV and many more - Our project team trains sport in dealing with anti-Semitism!

MAKKABI Germany News

Unfortunately, there is no denying that anti-Semitism, as an extremely versatile phenomenon, continues to find its way into the lowest amateur classes, even in the spirit of the present. It is therefore all the more important to address the widest possible spectrum of officials in organized sport and to raise awareness of the topic. The main thing here is to share experience, show options for action and convey confidence in one's own skills. Despite restrictions due to the pandemic, our team for the prevention of anti-Semitism in sport was able to have an impact on organized sport at various points in January with workshops and training courses.

On 30.01/150 Our team of speakers (Janik Trummer and Lasse Müller) was able to recruit more than XNUMX dedicated trainers as part of the DFB base coach training (Hesse) train virtually. The event was recognized by the participants in the form of learning units for their coaching license extensions - an important milestone on the way to an institutional establishment of the problem area of ​​anti-Semitism. Above all, the trusting, open and meticulous planning with the representatives of the DFB (Miachel Duda | Coordinator South and Claus Schäfer | Coordinator North) and the Hessian Football Association (HFV) should be emphasized here - the topic was obviously given high priority. In addition to conveying process and reporting chains, the focus was primarily on recognizing the manifestations and facets of anti-Semitism and conveying tailor-made strategies for action. The goal of reaching as many multipliers as possible, especially in youth football, could thus be ensured. 

At the same time, our speakers Sebastian Mohr and Kenan Dogan took part in the digital Network meeting of Fair Play Hessen part. The project team discussed the topic of “Recognizing and acting on anti-Semitism” in the form of an interactive workshop with around 100 participants. In addition to the social foundation of Hessian football, clubs and municipalities in the priority areas of violence prevention, integration and fair play organize themselves at “Fair Play Hessen”. Here, too, in addition to a lively exchange of experiences, essential prevention strategies in the context of anti-Semitism in sport could be conveyed. The standardized introduction and application of the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition in sport was a ubiquitous topic here as well.
A few days earlier, project manager Luis Engelhardt gave a lecture on the current challenges of the MAKKABI association in the context of anti-Semitic threats at the alliance project "#Zahor - Remembering for the Future" in front of around 50 interested parties from various educational areas. The Zahor project follows the approach of working with young football fans from the metropolitan region of Rhein-Neckar and the Kraichgau in a culture of remembrance. In the field of sports, it cooperates with the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum, among others. As an outlook and special highlight, the participants were teased about the “Kick-Off” event taking place in April. Among other things, the new project name will be announced there and all multipliers will be invited to celebrate the joint public announcement of the project. We are already looking forward to it!

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