SAVE THE DATE -Maccabi Global FLF seminar in Israel

Dear Chaverim, Shalom!

The EMC and MWU Joint Venture with Israel’s Ministry of strategic affairs to create


6 Days at Kfar Maccabiah during MWU Congres – May 24-29, 2018

What’s in this great Maccabi experience?
q Meeting & Sharing with young Maccabi leaders from all continents
q Young CEO’s of the Start-Up  Nation: Inspirational Visits & Sessions
q Touring the Gaza Approaches: Encounters with Israelis living the challenge every day
q Inspirational visits & sessions with young CEO’s of the Start-Up  Nation
q Up close with Israeli Arts & Music
q TED v2: Learning from Personal Experiences of outstanding Israelis & Maccabi leaders
 Nonstop City: Partying & Clubbing in Tel Aviv -by-Night

Price per Participant:

Includes 6 nights accommodation (sharing Kfar Maccabiah Hotel double room), transport, program fees, meals, medical insurance 

Does not include Flights
Significant Subsidies Available – contact Makkabi office for details 

Anmeldung für Teilnehmer aus Deutschland erfolgt über Makkabi Deutschland Büro