“Back to Berlin” comming soon

The documentary feature ‘Back to Berlin’ follows 11 Jewish bikers on their mission to deliver the torch to the opening ceremony of the European Maccabi Games held in Berlin in 2015 for the first time, at the infamous Nazi Waldbuhne Stadion, site of Hitler’s 1936 Olympics.

These riders follow the tracks of the early 1930’s bikers who set out from Tel Aviv to all corners of Europe to search for athletes for the first Maccabiah Games in Palestine. En route, they visit the places of origin of their parents and discover their pasts and how they survived.

Back to Berlin is the first biker-flick meets Holocaust, fly on the wall documentary: mixing archival footage of the original bikers, historical events and the personal revelations of the 2015 bikers.

The journey has been filmed in 9 different countries.  It features 2 Holocaust survivors, 7 descendants of survivors and 2 grandsons of original 1930’s Maccabiah Riders.

Producer/Director Catherine Alt had the support of a fantastic team, among them the legendary Larry King as Executive Producer/Narrator, Editor Julian Rodd, Composer Michael Stevens, Sound Designer Philip Alton and Line Producer Rosa Russo.

Back to Berlin is the first Biker-Flick meets Holocaust film and an educational fly on the wall documentary; mixing archival footage of the original bikers, pertinent historical events with the 2015 journey to deliver a deeper message.

This isn’t simply a “Jewish” story. As resurgent anti-Semitism and intolerance is becoming a central issue in the news, this film brings an important message through the voice of those who have been personally affected by one of the darkest pages in human history. This is not only a story of defiance and survival; it is the story of a people overcoming the worst from fellow man to restate our common humanity in the hope of reconciliation.

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